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Wastewater Aeration

Wastewater Treatment plant operators are under increasing pressure to maximize the performance of their plants. Facing population growth, aging infrastructure, and tightening regulations, operators are being forced to do more with less. Maximizing the efficiency of the aeration process is an easy way to improve overall plant capacity and efficiency.

Aero-Tube™ is an innovative, high performance aeration system that can be easily, effectively, and economically be incorporated into an existing wastewater treatment plant or planned wastewater treatment plant.  The secret to the Aero-Tube™ technology lies in a patented manufacturing process that delivers exceptionally high micro pore densities and exceptionally low pumping resistance. This translates into a more effective, lower cost solution for your aeration needs.

If you are a wastewater treatment plant operator or a consulting engineer advising a plant, here are several factors to consider when comparing aeration technologies:

  1. Where does the technology fall on the KISS scale of simplicity?
  2. What is the relationship between the capital and recurring costs of the system?
  3. Can I depend on the manufacturer to deliver performance that meets their claims?

Aero-Tube™ technology does not incorporate any moving parts, resulting in an extremely low maintenance requirement.  By comparison, technologies like paddlewheels, aspirators and other aeration technologies require regular, and sometimes expensive and exasperating, maintenance.

Aero-Tube™ makes the most sense economically because of its high efficiency in oxygen transfer per kW of electricity. 

Swan, is the world’s largest producer of aeration tubing and is known globally for delivering innovative, effective, and efficient solutions.

To find out more about implementing Aero-Tube™ technology in your wastewater system you can either contact us directly or contact one of our wastewater partners listed below.

Mix Air Tech.
13916 Lersbir Rd.
Sturtevant, WI  53177
Contact: Ted Volmer

ASI (Aeration Solutions Inc)
41 Volunteer Dr.
Lexington, TN  38351
Phone: 1-866-237-2846
Fax: 1-731-968-7640
Contact: Dean Jackson or Roger Rice